If you love riding dirt bikes and enjoy off-roading, you will find certain brands more to your liking. One of the brands that exemplifies this preference is Yamaha, a brand that dominated international motocross back in the 1970s. During this time, the brand sought to lower certain hurdles so bikers could hit the dirt more often.

That is why off-road Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney have a strong following. Whilst the ‘70s saw manufacturers show off mini-motocross bikes with 10-inch wheel spans, brands such as Yamaha wanted to develop more of a real motocross feel. Back then, the idea was to develop a bike designed for competition that even a six-year-old could ride. The design had to address the bike’s exterior design, ease of use, and safety.

Yamaha Models Make a Statement

Because the designs were geared for competitive kids, they were not the fastest-riding machines nor were they built for executing jumps or navigating difficult terrain. However, models such as the PW 50 or the AGs showed that a brand such as Yamaha is committed to meeting the needs of the dirt bike community.

Reviewing One of the Models

If you are an off-roader and an adult, you want a bike that is designed to take turns quickly and safely and that will last when other bikes start to fade. You can find this type of bike in a YZ125 or YZ250, which are motocross models that make dirt biking more enjoyable and fun. You will also get a lot of mileage from one of the revamped motocross cycles, the WR450F. The bike has a great suspension system and light springs as well as a larger-than-average front axle.

A Dependable Cold-Weather Bike

The fuel-injected engine on the bike is both compact and reliable. Also, the starter motor on the machines is placed just above the gearbox to make driving the clutch basket easier. An acid battery rather than a lithium battery is used to power the motor. Whilst the acid battery is heavier in weight, it is also more dependable, making this motocross bike ideal for cold-weather off-roading. The side stand on the bike makes it safer to drive and park the machine as it is more compact and lighter, which gives the bike more ground clearance.

When you are seeking a cycle to drive off-road, you can see that what you choose should be based on the make and model and its history. A brand that has been committed to dirt biking as well as competitions will continue to improve the models they make. That is why the choice of a brand is so important to anyone who wants to pursue off-roading or dirt bike activities. When you can choose a bike that has the needed traction and torque, you will find that off-roading will continue to be a pleasurable pursuit.