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Moving around the country with a precious car is not necessarily a fun thing to coordinate since driving yourself is not always the safest and most cost-effective choice and planning a delivery may seem to be challenging.

Same with buying a car on eBay auto auctions, the delivery may seem like a tough thing to organize.

However, there are easy and reliable ways to transport a car if you know how to choose a respectable company. Instead of putting unnecessary extra miles and wear and tear on your car in question, we will show you how to ship your car with ease.

Here is all that you need to know about how to send your car. We have also included some tips on road transportation that will help you save money along the way.

Pick A Type Of Carrier

Depending on your car’s cost, you will have the option of either open delivery or closed automatic transport. The open delivery will be those trailers that you see moving down the road stacked with cars and closed are usually with large containers.

Although often cheaper, open delivery can damage your car from items outside the control of the transportation company. Consider all the weather and highway rocks that can damage your car.

If your car is especially valuable, it can become an obstacle to the deal. An enclosed vehicle, which can be hard or soft, carries only a few cars. As a result, you can expect that you will pay more for delivering your car.

How Do You Ship Your Car Cheaply?

There are a few things that you should consider to help you ship your car cheaply.

Get Multiple Quotes

The better way to get a low price of road transport is to get several quotations. We recommend that you contact three to five companies and to avoid companies with the lowest and highest prices.

Why avoid companies with the lowest prices? Because these prices may be too good to be true. Carriers who bid on your work sometimes submit unrealistic prices, so you choose them, and then they can raise the price after you book.

You can pay a deposit that cannot be refunded and get stuck in an expensive car company that you thought had low prices. Therefore, avoid deception. Do not use a company that has the lowest or highest price.

Be Your Own Broker

It is not the most convenient option. However, it can save you money if you have the time and energy to do so. If you are your own broker, it means getting rid of an intermediary, a transport broker.

Therefore, you will contact individual carriers yourself to get multiple quotes. You can do this with Googleling ‘Road Carriers.’

You will be required to do more than just get quotes. You’ll also have to research them to ensure they have proper insurance, are reputable, and licensed. If you do not have a broker, it will be your responsibility to coordinate your car’s selection and delivery.

Often, the minimum cost savings of removing an auto broker is not worth the time and headache of checking the carriers out of yourself.

Make An Early Reservation

The more time companies have to bid on your job, the more likely it is to get a low price. One company may apply for $950 on the first day, and another company may apply for $875 the next day.

The longer companies bid against each other, the lower your price. The advantage of early booking is a maximum of two weeks, so you don’t have to spend months waiting. Just plan and you can save hundreds of dollars.

Be Flexible With Timing

If you need your delivery to be done quickly, you will often pay a higher price. However, if you have extra time on your side and are willing to wait as long as it takes to get the car from point A to point B, you will probably save a lot of money.

Many people do not want to wait that long. However, if you have at least some flexibility in receiving and delivering, you can still save money.

Ship During The Off-Season

The busier months of the year for the road transport industry are between June and August. The slower months are December and February.

Therefore, if you need the cheapest way to deliver your car, do so in the slowest months of the year.

Look For Terminal To Terminal Carriers

Some carriers have their terminal sites throughout the country where vehicles can be shipped and even stored temporarily.

The terminals are usually located outside of major state borders or near major cities. Since these carriers do not need to ship their vehicles directly to you and ship them to their conveniently located terminal areas, they are usually cheaper than door-to-door carriers.

However, there are far fewer terminal-to-terminal carriers. Therefore your search process may take longer. Their terminals may also not be close to you. In this case, you will need to drive your car to or from the terminal.

You might be charged for a daily storage charge if you are required to leave your vehicle at the terminal before it can be loaded and delivered. You should consider these things when trying to determine if it is the cheapest way to send the car.

Enclosed Auto Transport Vs. Open Carrier

An open carrier is usually a less expensive way to transport your vehicle. Still, your vehicle will be susceptible to elements and any debris that may be flying in the truck’s path.

An enclosed car carrier gives you the most protection, but on average, it is about 60% more expensive. Covered or closed carriers are often used to carry expensive or classic cars because they provide better protection.

Does Scheduled Pickup Cost More?

In most cases, the trucking company will contact you when it has an open-slot truck heading toward your destination. If you prefer the exact date of receipt, it will cost you extra.

Research Prices and the Company

There are dozens of vehicle transport companies, but it can be challenging to identify good ones.

As you choose a shipper, we strongly encourage you to do thorough research, including reading reviews online.

No matter who you call, talk to the three shippers and see which one gives you the best assurance and a competitive price.

Other Pricing Variables


Delivery between two major cities can be cheaper than delivery between small towns or cities. It is because more carriers cover these routes.

Distance to the drop-off point will naturally dictate the price of the haulage. Delivery within the state or to the East Coast may cost less than $1,000, but the shipping cost can easily exceed $2,000 if you ship the car across the country.

Vehicle Size

Larger vehicles usually take up more space on the carrier, and heavier vehicles add more weight to the load, making them more expensive to transport.

The Season

Fewer people transport cars in winter so that the rates may be lower. However, winter weather can also affect when it arrives at your home. A truck can get stuck in bad weather, or roads can be closed.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

It is essential to ask about company liability insurance coverage if something happens to your vehicle during transport.

Most reputable carriers should have about $50,0000-$100,000 coverage. You may also want to check your insurance to see what coverage you have in case of an accident on the way.

Inspect The Vehicle For Damage

The transport company usually takes a thorough look at the vehicle before it is loaded onto the truck.

The carrier looks for any scratches or dents and records them. It will be relevant evidence if something is damaged. Therefore, make sure you examine the vehicle and agree with the report. Also, ensure that you thoroughly read and understand the Bill of Lading.

Likewise, you will want to inspect the arriving car for any damage that may have occurred during transportation.

It is good to take some pictures before and after shipping if you need to confirm your claim for damages.

To Sum Up

While delivering a car can be expensive and complicated, it does not have to be. Driving is a cheaper option for short-distance travel.

However, under certain circumstances, including long distances, delivering your car can be better than driving.

In cases where transportation of the car is necessary, we have given some tips to help make your car delivery as economical as possible.