Animal companions add a lot of richness and joy to life. If a puppy has come into your world recently, you are in for many cuddles, kisses, and adventures. As lovely as puppies are, though, take a few steps to protect your truck from spills and accidents. Start by installing a hard tri fold tonneau cover for truck bed security so you can safely haul everything you need for your new furry friend, wherever life takes you. Now, take some steps to puppy-proof your interior.

Protect Seats

Make sure everyone has a good time on the road by adding waterproof car seat covers that offer great looks and outstanding protection. Neoprene is a fantastic choice for seat covers because it hugs the contours of your factory seats, maintaining that original look and also providing superior protection against spills and wet, whether you have had a relaxing afternoon at the beach or have been working with your pup out in the rain.

You may associate neoprene as the material used to make diving and surf suits, and you are right. It is. This material makes such excellent seat covers because of its qualities to repel water and clean up easily, maintaining good looks far into the future.

Cover Floors

Once you have the exterior secured and the seats covered and ready for whatever life has to offer, look down. Your nicely carpeted truck floors need some TLC too. Safeguard that nice, clean carpet with durable all weather car floor mats. Rugged floor protectors fend off not only water but stains from mud, spills, snow, and anything your shoes might bring into your truck’s interior. They also help prevent odors.

When the mats get dirty, simply remove them, hose them down, and let them dry. They install again quickly and easily. With a puppy, durable floor covers are a must. Quality covers are not only functional, but they also lend a finished look to your truck’s interior. Choose colors that will complement your ride in all the shapes and sizes you need to protect every square inch of interior carpeting.

Grip Your Steering Wheel

While you are installing puppy protection to your ride’s interior, consider adding an easy-to-grip steering wheel cover. You will not only help preserve the factory-fresh condition of your truck’s interior, but you will also protect your hands from trying to grip fire-hot wheels in summer months.

Puppies are excitable and unpredictable. A quality steering wheel cover gives you a good hold and helps you stay in control on the road, no matter what is going on inside your vehicle. Covers also add a plush and comfortable feel and deliver a customized look.

Puppy-Proofing Your Truck’s Interior

Dogs are wonderful companions wherever life takes you. Whether working or hiking back trails, a dog will be right there with you, taking it all in. Choose accessories that will protect your truck’s interior from accidents and keep your ride looking great and smelling fresh, no matter what. With a puppy, as with life, you need to expect the unexpected. Well-made covers give you peace of mind so you can enjoy hitting the road with your new friend.