When leaving their homes for work or to go out with friends or clients for dinner, no one ever anticipates being in a catastrophic vehicle accident. Still, there are a disproportionate number of automobile accidents in Toledo and the rest of the state of Ohio.

If you are hurt in a car incident, you need to carefully plan what you will do in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks after the event. How successful you are in claiming damages from the negligent driver’s insurance company or directly from the driver depends on the decisions you make. Discuss your case with an experienced Toledo car accident attorney to determine your best course of action.

We’d like to elaborate on the advice given in a recent NerdWallet post about what to do following a car accident.

What to Do If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

You can’t predict when or where a traffic accident will occur, but you can prepare for what to do if one does. Have in mind the following:

  • Evaluate the situation to see if anyone was hurt and if you should call the police: Drivers in the state of Ohio are obligated by law to report car accidents that result in death or bodily harm, or property damage totaling $1,500 or more. Call the authorities if you’ve been in an accident that caused serious injuries or extensive property damage.
  • Evidence should be collected at the crash site. As much as possible, you should take notes at the accident site. This necessitates the use of one’s mobile phone as a camera. Please take images of the accident scene from as many various vantage points as possible, and don’t forget to take pictures from the ground up as well as from the air. In the future, an accident reconstructionist may be able to utilize this data to establish that the other driver’s carelessness contributed to the collision.
  • Acquire relevant contact data: Collect information from other drivers and potential witnesses after an accident. You may need the testimony of eyewitnesses to your accident if you plan to file a claim for compensation.

Whether or whether you intend to file a claim with your own insurance provider, you should always get in touch with your provider as soon as possible following an accident.