The number of electric vehicles on the roads keeps on increasing every day. It is predicted that by the end of the decade, the number of electric cars will have surpassed 200 million. More people are discovering the importance of driving electric vehicles and the possibility of charging their cars at home.

Driving electric cars to many is still a new experience, let alone charging one. With several home charging stations offering different features, charging speeds, and varying price ranges, how do you know which best suits you? In this article, we’ll break everything down for you to understand what exactly you need to look out for when looking for a perfect home charging station.

There are numerous EV home charging stations, but there is no perfect one; therefore, the best EV home charger best fits your needs. For example, you may not need the fastest charger when you only use your car to commute to work; you can charge at night as a slower EV takes 8 hours to charge an EV completely. Here are some considerations you should consider before purchasing an EV home charger.

Energy Efficiency

Due to the rising energy cost, energy efficiency must be the primary consideration for several EV drivers. Some research shows that more than 65% of EV drivers regard energy efficiency as the most vital factor to consider before purchasing an EV home charger. Not only should you consider energy efficiency but also its intelligent charging features. The smart charging features will enable you to control and monitor energy use.

Warranty and Service

EV home chargers come in different sizes and shapes, and all present an investment. Unsurprisingly, about 47% of EV drivers care about extended warranties, and 25% care about maintenance services. It is indeed essential to ensure that your wall box lasts long. Charging stations always come with a warrant, and some vendors can offer an extended warranty or service options.

User Friendly

It is another feature that EV drivers look for, with only 54% regarding it as the primary consideration. Turning to electric mobility may seem daunting and complicated, and moving from the familiarity of the gas station is an enormous step. Having a charger which makes the transition easy can be beneficial. For example, several EV home chargers come with LED lights that are so simple to understand and let you quickly tell the charging status. Other than that, many offer connected charging stations with smartphone apps that allow you to control and monitor the charging process remotely.

Insight Into Charging Behavior

The most underrated aspect of EV home chargers is their connectivity and the insights they unlock. About 42% of EV drivers believe the ability to see charging fees and cost is their primary consideration, while another 32% regard access to insight as an essential feature of an EV home charger. Charging stations can access various real-time insights about cost and energy use, enabling the drivers to be informed through charging and adjusting appropriately.


In summary, choosing the appropriate EV home charger may prove to be an arduous task, so before deciding to choose from the available options, first consider your priorities, what best suits you or if you need assistance; this article will offer assistance.