Have you heard anything about team driving? For most people, the answer is no. Anyway, we all know that being alone on the road can have a negative effect on a driver’s mental tone. If you’ve thought about teamwork at least occasionally, now is the most appropriate time to look deeper into the issue.

The trucking job market is in constant shortage of qualified drivers. With ELD mandate and hours of service rules, getting shipments to their destination on time is becoming a big issue. Is the team driving an opportunity to solve it?

What is team driving

It’s a very simple concept to understand.Team driving represents two CDL drivers working together in the same truck. While one sleeps, the other sits behind the wheel. When the shift ends, they switch places.

This type of trucker work solves most of the regulatory problems that currently exist in the trucking industry. However, despite the positive side of the issue, it also has its drawbacks. Let’s try to understand: what is team truck driving?


Many trucking companies like team drivers

There are enough companies in the trucking market that like to work with team drivers who get along well with each other and do their jobs well. It’s nice to know that the cargo will get to its destination on time, which is becoming more and more difficult to do with the current regulations. Some of the companies pay more to team drivers. But keep in mind that your CPM will be split in two, so the increase in earnings may not be as significant as it immediately seems.

It’s not as lonely on the road with a coworker

There are some drivers who enjoy being alone on the road. But there are also those who look forward to moments in truck parking lots when they can sit quietly and chat with other drivers. If the second option appeals to you, then team driving is probably right for you. Life on the road becomes a lot more fun with a fellow driver, even when they’re resting.

Working hours get easier

Working time rules are a major stressor in the industry. Working as a team, you can switch with your partner more often while getting your load to its destination. The work becomes much easier.

You have an extra pair of eyes

Sometimes you have to deal with difficult parking or difficult road conditions and detours along the way. In such situations, having another person to help you navigate will be very appropriate.


Some companies don’t hire team drivers

There are companies that think team driving sounds too good to be true. There’s no doubt that being able to put twice as many drivers in the cab of a truck is great. But what happens if they both get sick, for example? Or end up hating each other and cause a lawsuit? Such things scare the owners of some transport companies.

You have to be together all the time

Even when your partner is asleep, you are still together in a confined space. This can become a real nightmare in just a few days on the road if you don’t have the right temperament.

Sleeping will be much more difficult

All drivers spend years practicing the skill of not falling asleep to the rhythm of the road, and now the situation is the opposite. You will constantly have to fall asleep to the rhythm of the road. For many truck drivers, this metamorphosis can be too difficult. The road is by no means a quiet place, especially if a colleague likes to listen to Florida death metal classics on the road.

You’ll always have another opinion

Advance trip planning is a special art that many drivers take great care to do. But what if you have to share it with another person? You like one route and he likes another. You both prefer to drive during the day. Who beats who?


Obviously, there are many factors to consider when transitioning to team driving, not the least of which is the question of do you get along at all? If you are considering team driving, talk to other professionals in the industry. Get their advice and recommendations first. And if you choose this particular adventure, make sure you do your co-driver a great favor.