Purchasing a new car is always an exciting experience. However, many people look into the physical aspect and overlook the step involved in pre approved auto financing. It’s a hustle free procedure where a lender gets a quick assessment of your ability to pay the car loan based on your current credit state. Here are the reasons why one needs to get a pre approved car loan.

To get a Better Negotiation Power

Having a preapproved loan makes you a ready buyer immediately you set foot at the dealership. Vendors will often expect that you get financing through them. However, if you approach them with available funding, it will boost your confidence and negotiation power. It will also make the car buying process seamless and less stressful.

Most merchants have vast experience; thus, they know another dealership will accept a preapproved loan. Therefore, they will be willing to give you a good deal to ensure you are satisfied with the price and services rendered. A dealer will also be happy to get a ready client as most people want to first satisfy their eyes before making a final decision.

To Avoid Markups at the Dealership

Many sellers are aware that a majority of car buyers don’t prefer auto financing. Therefore, they come up with financial programs to lure clients into a faster alternative to avoid getting a loan from a third party lender. The dealer can give you the funds at a special rate of 0%, but they make it difficult to pass up while negotiating.

Car buyers realize the trick while making a purchase. Dealers never disclose about the upsells and markups involved for them to give such low-interest rates. For the buyers to get such dealerships, they end up spending more than they intended.

To Increase Chances of Getting a Better Interest Rate

Once you’ve made up your mind to get that dream car, it would be best to weigh in on a few lenders to get the best terms. Compare the different interest rates and the highest loan amount at hand. Analyze the available options to select the lender with the best auto financing offers.

Going through the procedure gives any buyer control over their financing. As a result, they get the best pre approved loan at a favorable interest rate.

To know how much you can Borrow

Many buyers get disappointed after learning that the car they have been looking for is highly-priced than expected. They may end up going for alternative models that suit their budget. It’s therefore essential to do thorough research on the exact amount that you can get from lenders.

Once buyers know the price range, their car search becomes simpler to avoid looking for cars outside their scope. It helps cut on the amount of time spent looking for a vehicle.

It Gives you the Freedom to buy what you need

Getting finances from a third party lender gives you a clear picture of the amount at hand, to help you make a precise selection. They do not restrict you to a specific dealer to purchase from, a given range of vehicles or prices. You can freely walk into any dealership and get the exact car you want.

On the contrary, buying through a dealership limits you to the inventory at hand. The dealers only give you a few choices since they have already arranged your loan. Also, choosing a different dealer doesn’t guarantee better results.


The above guidelines will make the car financing process more manageable. It outlines solid reasons why one needs to get a preapproved loan before heading to shop for a new car.