At some point, you’re going to have to replace your tires. They are manufactured to last a certain amount of time and will eventually wear down. They might also suffer damage when you hit a pothole or curb, which of course may require a wheel repair. But how do you know when you need to replace your tire. While you can check the tread, there are also some ways that you can determine this while driving. Here are some of the ways that you can tell you need a tire change.


When your tire runs over a pothole or curb, it might suffer some significant damage. Bulging typically occurs when air makes its way in between the inner liner of the tire and the outer material. This creates an air pocket in a weakened part of the tire. If the issue is not addressed, the bulge can end up rupturing the tire, resulting in significant damage. This could also cause an accident for the vehicle. This problem can be caused by a manufacturing defect but this cause is much less common than a road-related incident.


There are various reasons why you might feel some unusual vibrations with your car. This includes tire balance and out-of-round issues. When the inner cords of the tire, known as the belts, separate or shift, it can cause this issue. You can usually identify this problem based on the type of vibration being felt. At low speeds, the tires will feel lumpy. When you reach higher speeds, such as driving on the highway, you might feel a high frequency vibration. This is an indication that you need your tire looked at and likely replaced.

Tire Age

Tires are built to last for a certain amount of time. When you need a replacement usually depends on how much you drive on it but it won’t last forever. Most tire manufacturers recommend getting new tires after five or six years. No tire should be used for over 10 years, no matter how much the tread has worn. Each tire has a date stamped on the sidewall. This indicates the week and the year that the tire was manufactured. Knowing this time stamp will help you determine the age of your tire and if you should consider having it replaced.

When driving your car, you might notice some things that seem unusual. If this is a problem with your tire, you might be in need of a replacement. These are three issues that might cause the need for a tire change