Choosing a better car brand from the many available could be a daunting task. And when the choice to make is between a Honda or a Hyundai, it becomes even more difficult. Since both carmakers have built a healthy following with their sedans, choosing one is not easy. Among sedans, when you have the very popular Hyundai Verna on the one hand and the revered Honda City on the other, you are unlikely to regret buying either of the two. This holds even when you buy used cars of these brands. You can easily get a loan when you choose to buy either a Honda or a Hyundai car. However, the condition of the used vehicle and your credit score will play a crucial role.

The answer to which among the two is the best remains though. Let’s try to find that out with a quick comparison of both brands:

Honda Hyundai
Looks When it comes to aesthetics, Honda goes on a subtle note, and its vehicles are modest when it comes to styling. Hyundai cars are usually sportier in design and get contemporary looks.
Performance i-VTEC engines have been a force to reckon with for Honda and are better than Hyundai’s. Although Hyundai is slightly behind in the race with its regular engines, it has an ace up its sleeve with its electric and hybrid motors.
Interior Honda interiors are usually plusher, thanks to the use of premium materials. Hyundai is synonym with practicality at affordable costs. Its cabin too ‘looks’ premium but the carmaker uses hard plastics in places, which takes away the premium ‘feel’ of the cabin.
Price As you go higher up the models, Honda vehicles tend to get costlier compared to Hyundai. However, its entry-level sedans put up a decent show here. Among budget cars, it’s the Hyundai that offers the true value for money. You get looks, plush interiors and a feature-rich cabin.
Resale value Compared to Hyundai, Honda cars tend to have a low resale value. However, it could be a blessing in disguise for you if you are looking for an option in the pre-owned car market. You could get a good deal easily and buy a vehicle with a used car loan. With its high value for money quotient, Hyundai is very popular in the used car space. You can buy your preferred Hyundai car opting for a loan for used cars.
Reliability The resale value of a brand in the used car market is an indication of its reliability. Here, Honda falls marginally short of Hyundai in India. The reliability factor of a Hyundai car is better than its Japanese counterpart.
NVH The diesel engines of Honda in budget sedans often are subject to high NVH levels indicating average insulation. Hyundai scores higher here with better insulation and low noise level engines in both petrol as well as diesel variants.

To sum up, for budget sedans, it is the Hyundai that scores over Honda. However, with premium sedans, Honda is a better choice. Above all, the condition of a used car is a vital factor even when you wish to buy used cars on EMI. And if you are looking for a financing partner to fund your purchase, Tata Capital is your best bet with quick processing and minimal used car loan eligibility criteria. Reach out to them today!